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I’ve been with my iPad Pro for about two week now so I thought i’d share my two cents. I decided to get an iPad Pro instead of a Macbook Air or a Surface Book, silly choice?  Well it depends what you intend to do with it.  I’m sure those are great choices for many but my goal was to use the iPad as a laptop replacement while on the road or out of the office.  Laptop replacement, yes that was what I was hoping it would be. Now I don’t live on a laptop, I use my laptop for emails and doing little development or design work.  Its not a desktop and I know that so I’d ever try to create a new website for example on just a laptop.  I need more than one screen and duplicating settings for dreamweaver or my work files on more than one device is always a chore. No matter what cloud service I use. My desktop is my work horse and that is not changing.  Ok, so back to the iPad choice.  What made me think this iPad could do what I wanted?  Well the screen size is 12.9, it’s fast with the A9 processor and it cellular service (LTE).

iPad Pro Wifi + CellularMy intention was to use a remote desktop app along with the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard.  This would allow my iPad to work as a laptop, i’d be logged into my desktop computer so my programs and files are all there. I don’t have to worry about transferring files back and forth or installing software & os updates like I would on a laptop. Yay!  The other nice thing about an iPad is I don’t have to worry about Windows Patch Tuesday and updates to my iOS apps happen automatically….so security isn’t an inconvenience like they would be on a regular laptop.
That said its been about 2 weeks now with my iPad and its done amazing well and has exceeding my expectations.  I am carrying it with me all over and love how fast it is. Many say its not a laptop replacement and that may be true for some but not in my case.  With Google Chrome Remote Desktop or Microsoft Remote Desktop Client its a breeze to login to my computers and work…really!

Before I get killed for calling the iPad a laptop replacement I’ll repeat myself and say for me and my use case it is.  When I remote into my computers with it I’m typically accessing MS SQL server or Adobe Dreamweaver.  I’m not redesigning a website or coding the next operating system, i’m just doing little things while hanging out at Starbucks or while at my daughters sporting events.  Before the iPad Pro I was content with my Google  Chromebook, however my Chromebooks screen was cracked so I needed something and the timing was perfect when the iPad was announced.

I use my iPad daily and its a game changer, I had an iPad previous to this and never did any real work on it.  This iPad changes that, I can work on and and actually enjoy doing so. Its just like a laptop and gives me access to everything I need.

apple-pencilWhy the iPad Pro is better than a laptop….for me:

  • It’s light just 1.59 pounds – nobody likes to carry heavy things
  • Wi-FI & Cellular – I can connect anywhere I go
  • Pixel-dense screen – Screen is gorgeous
  • Long batter life 9-10 hours -gets me through entire day
  • Apple Pencil is a game changer for the artist in me – so much fun!
    • I’ll be creating a comic strip in 2016, looking forward to that

Many reviewers stay the iPad Pro is not a laptop replacement.  I disagree and think the iPad Pro is a laptop replacement. I do not have the smart keyboard yet but think with that it’ll even be a better work tool for me.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and what you’re doing with your iPad Pro. Leave a comment below

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