All Code Is Bad, So Don’t Stress If Yours Sucks

If you're learning programming, you might aspire to write beautiful, clean and concise code. The truth is, though, that's a lot harder than you might think. Programmer and author Peter Welch explains why all code is bad (and programming sucks), but we think you shouldn't let that discourage you. Lifehacker via All Code Is Bad, [...]

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27 Productive Things You Can Do in 5 Minutes | The Muse

5Like Tweet5This page has been shared 5 times. View these Tweets. Email 48 355 27 Productive Things You Can Do in 5 Minutes By Alex Cavoulacos, February 06, 2014 We all lose productivity every day because "we only have five minutes before that meeting starts." And while five minutes here and there might not seem [...]

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