Boom! – Hard Drive Crash

So today while I was working my Windows 10 Preview froze while I was working in Dreamweaver.  Hmmm, first time its done that.  I waited a few minutes and it didn’t come out of it so I restarted the computer.  It was stuck on my bios screen, I saw the HP  logo but windows never came back up.  After booting up with linux (Knoppix live cd) I noticed my drives wouldn’t mount.  Dang, I know whats going on.  I got closer to my computer and kept trying to mount the drive I could hear the scratchy hard drive noise coming out of my tower, my hard drive just crashed.

So I make a quick trip to Staples and they had only one internal drive available.  I didn’t want to wait as I have work to do so I picked up all they had a 2 terabyte drive.  Once I got home and put that in I fired up a bootable Windows 10 DVD.  The install was pretty quick and painless. I was up and running in no time.  So once I am back in Windows and my devices & network all come up what do I do first?

Very first thing I did was download and install Google Chrome, I’m rather found of that browser.  I then download 1Password and Spotify, logins & my music.  I know whats important now 😉

That brings me to where I am now.  The other items that are crucial for what I do are Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Dreamweaver.  Without those 2 programs I don’t think I’d use a computer, a tablet would be just fine.  So i’ll install those and get back up and running.

Even though my drive failed I was back up and running within an hour or so.  Another hour of installing programs coming up but other than that not to bad.   Definitely better than back in the old days where you had to hunt down drivers for everything and find physical media to install from.

As far as my old data, I back up nightly to an external drive so I am covered.  I also backup all my pictures to so I never lose any photos.

I want to get an offsite backup solution in place eventually.  I used for a while but its so slow uploading it was tough to use (that was a few years ago maybe its better now).

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