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Everyone has done an Apple Watch review so I figured I’d share my two cents as well.  I’ve worn the watch for a month now  and getting in the routine of wearing a watch hasn’t been a problem. People always want to look at it and see what it does.  Quite frankly it doesn’t do a whole lot that will impress you…or me.  So why did I get one?  Good question, I thought it’d be a great device and don’t get me wrong I do like it.  However for the price and for what it does currently (2.0 will add functionality) it’s not a must have by any means.

Apple-WatchThings I like:

  • Notifications  – I like  getting emails, texts and weather updates on my wrist. Its purely a convenience. I can flick my wrist and see emails, texts & more.  I don’t have to pull my phone out of my pocket much.  Or while on wifi I can leave it on my desk and walk around the house and never have to actually use the phone. I’m much more responsive to people bothering me (a good think?).
  • Phone Calls – While on wifi (doesn’t work on cell/bluetooth yet) I can make & receive calls right from the watch. I do this while driving or at home. I tend not to do this while in public so I don’t get any more stares then usual. Hands free while driving.
  • Text Messages – I can receive & create texts with Siri.  This is convenient as its easier than typing.  Again a convenience feature and will probably make us all lazier.
  • Apple Pay – I love paying with Apple Pay though everytime I do I feel like i’m “that guy”.  It is very convenient and because its on my wrist all the time.
  • Music – I primarily listen to Spotify on my phone but I can control the songs by using my Apple Watch which I like.  It also holds 2 gigs of my iTunes music so I do have some music physically on the watch I can listen to with my bluetooth headphones.  This is great while jogging or doing work in the yard.  I can leave my phone in the house and still listen to music.  I suspect Apple Music will work much better with the watch too. Looking forward to that at the end of the month.
  • Maps – Apple maps works really good with the watch. Turn by turn shows up on your wrist so when its time to turn the watch taps your wrist. I just do a flick of the wrist and see where to go next.  While driving maps & changing music is really nice with the watch.
  • Exercise – I kind of like the watch telling me to stand up and showing my my exercise goals for the day.  I do find myself making the effort to get a little more exericse in.  I quit wearing the jawbone up once I got the watch and feel it does everything that did and more.
  • Calendar – I have a cover on my phone so the screen is hidden while it sits on my desk or in my pocket.  So I miss meetings on occasion (not that I miss them but I accidentally don’t attend them). Now that the watch reminds me about them I haven’t missed one yet. Yay, I guess.

Things I don’t like:

  • Apps – Most of the apps are slow and I don’t use.  Once apps become  native to the watch this should improve.
    • Most of the apps are terrible, I do like Dark Sky for weather notifications  and Passport for paying at Starbucks
  • Price – The cost of this is steep for what it does.  But again its Apple so it’s expected.  The nice Android wear watches also start at the same price point.


Bottom Line

Though the price is higher than I like I do like the watch for what it is.  Is it for everyone? Definitely not. The screen is small so for the older crowd that will be an issue i’m sure. The apps are not quite what they should be…yet. If your a gadget person and can afford the watch I’d say go for it.  It does offer some conveniences, for example I don’t look at my phone as often anymore.

The small conveniences it offers does compel me to keep wearing it.


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