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iphone 6 plus reviewI’ve been using my iPhone 6 Plus now for a few weeks.  I ordered it from and it took about 4 weeks to receive it.  During this time I questioned whether or not the phone would be to big and if I should plan on exchanging it for just the iPhone 6.  Well the thing is big, much bigger than my iPhone 5 was so the learning curve was defiantly there.  When I took it out of the box I was for sure it’d be exchanged but wanted to try it for a few days and see if it grew on me.  In my case it has and I am glad I got the plus.  It is a 2 handed phone, no way you can text with just one had.  For me this is fine and I find I can do everything I want just fine.  In fact, since having the iphone 6 Plus I no longer use my iPad.  My iPad’s battery has been dead and I haven’t bothered charging it.  The battery life on this phone is at least 8 hours. I use it a lot, probably more than an average user and I’m not charging it nearly as often as I had with my previous iPhone.

The screen is absolutely amazing. Its light, it is a iPad substitute (for me) and being grandfathered into unlimited data with AT&T I can stream Netflix until my hearts content no matter where I am.  A side note, Netflix updated their app on iOS recently to support 1080p.  I really like the slo-mo feature on the video recording.  Pictures are more than fine for the 8×10 and 4×6 prints I do.

When I use my old iPhone 5 now I feel like a giant, it looks so small and silly.

I would highly recommend the 6 plus to anyone considering it.  Just be sure to keep an open mind with it’s size for a while.

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